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If you’re fortunate enough to live anywhere near a Trader Joe’s, you probably already know about their fine selection of quality foods at reasonable prices.

And if you’re on Weight Watchers, it just gets better! Allow me to shine some light on a few of my favorite Trader Joe’s items.

Tuna Lunch with Mediterranean Vinaigrette

The title pretty much sums it up. This concoction is not only tempting in its taste, but take a look at the nutritional information:

  • 260 calories, 10g fat, 6g fiber = 5 Points

One box 7.5 oz. equals one serving and with everything that’s inside, this tuna lunch should be enough to fill you up. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Ann and myself to split one box and make sandwiches for each of us.

If I do have one complaint, it’s the amount of olives included in the mix. I have never liked olives and do anything I can to avoid them. In this case, I pick them all out and enjoy what’s left: tuna, garbanzo beans, green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, zesty lemon juice, etc. It truly is tasty.

I usually only buy one of these per visit because they need to be consumed promptly to retain freshness, and it’s a rare occasion when I want to have tuna (of any kind) two days in a row.

Organic Lentil Soup

What? Have I lost my mind? Absolutely not. I gave this one a shot and not only liked it, I now end up buying several of them to take to work when I don’t know what to eat for lunch. Quick and easy.

The numbers:

Each 15 oz. can is about two servings, the total per can is:

  • 260 calories, 3g fat, 16g fiber = 2 Points

Ahem. Two measly Points, people. And it’s good! Sure, I know there are some soups out there that tout zero Points but I know what I like, and this is definitely it. Trust me, 15 oz. of this stuff is definitely a good way to fill up at any meal and not feel cheated in the flavor department. I usually alternate between this stuff and the Minestrone varieties (which I brought to work today).

So if you have a Trader Joe’s in your area, stop by and give these a shot. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 🙂

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