More Victories and Weekend Wrap-Up

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I had the pleasure of attending my uncle’s wedding on Saturday in my hometown of Wilmington, CA. Not only was the ceremony very serene and setting sublime, the food was incredible.

But I was good. I sampled just about a little of everything, including the wedding cake, and it sustained me until dinnertime when I just had a few healthy munchies instead.

There was turkey, ham, fruit salad, rolls, and a delicious salad. And even after all of that, I gained such a minimal amount that it’s not worth mentioning. I also have an updated picture that you can see on the Photos page (scroll to the bottom, of course).

Today we literally spent the day in the backyard after a trip to Lowe’s for some plants and other goodies. I stayed active the entire day between yardwork and laundry so I’m sure I’ve maintained and not gained. Lunch and dinner were of the chicken variety. Because of all of the activity, I’m skipping my Wii Fit routine for the night.

Oh, and here are a few Victories for the week:

  • I can now wear size 40 pants!
  • I can now fit in an XL dress shirt!

That’s pretty much it for this post. Weekly Weigh-In #11 is a few days away and I’m excited about it! See you then.

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