It’s Here–The New Weight Watchers Points Excel Chart

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UPDATED August 12, 2008: Looking for the chart? Go to this post and please read the whole thing!

At long last, it’s finally here!

My new Weight Watchers Points Excel Chart is complete and ready to roll. Here are the minor yet much-needed changes to this version:

  • You can now use one chart for the entire week! Each chart contains sheets from Monday-Friday so that you don’t have all that clutter of creating one each day.
  • You now have a Points Bank that automatically generates the total of reserve Points! Try and keep a few Points in the Bank each day so that you can treat yourself on a job well done by the time the weekend comes around!
  • As usual, the chart is completely customizable so you can do whatever you wish to it. Note again that I am not Tech Support so if you mess it up, you’re on your own…

You can download it here, and I hope you enjoy it! (Link removed July 8, 1008–see update below) I’m off to do some Wii Fit 🙂

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UPDATED 12:25 p.m. Evidently my previous update (of the same content) did not save, so here it is again.

If you download the Excel chart, you will notice that the daily default Points allowance is 28. Feel free to change that to your recommended Points allowance and overwrite the existing file since 28 is my allowance and what I had been testing the chart with.

And as usual, the disclaimer from last time:

Note: The information on the Excel chart was gathered online from various sources. It may have been updated since the author complied the information and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. This chart has not been endorsed or approved by Weight Watchers.

UPDATED JULY 8, 2008: I have decided that I simply don’t have the time handle the flood of e-mails, questions, be tech support, etc. for those who may have had trouble downloading the Excel chart. As a result, I have chosen to remove the link to the file. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand my reasoning for doing so.

Weekly Weigh-In #10

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  • Weekly Weigh-In #10: 230.7 lbs.
  • Last week’s weight: 233.0 lbs.
  • Gain/loss of: -2.3 lbs.
  • Weekly average lost: 2.3 lbs.

Despite a Memorial Day filled with eating, I kept all in moderation and stayed focused. In addition to eating right in terms of both food and quantity, I stayed active.

You see, we bought a new washer and dryer set and barbecue on Saturday, rented a truck from Big Box Home Improvement Store, hauled them home and with the help of my father-in-law, unloaded them, removed the old units, and replaced them all. There wasn’t much time to think about eating during those times so I took advantage of it and savored the moments knowing that they would only help me lose weight.

And you see the results: 2.3 lbs. dropped this week for a Weigh-In of 230.7 lbs. The 220s are definitely in sight!

Today’s walk was cut short to one mile as my left knee and back are a bit sore. It started last week when our cat Ozzie decided he’d start sleeping on top of me after months of not doing so. As such, my sleep movement is restricted (as I tend to be a restless sleeper). That fuzzy little guy needs to find another bed…

The Weight Watchers Points Excel Chart is still being worked on as of now. It’s almost done–promise!

Ah, and now onto some critiques about Wii Fit. It’s a long piece so I’ll add a break here…

Continue Reading Weekly Weigh-In #10…

New Excel Chart in the Works

2008/05/21 at 9:41 pm | Posted in Food, Health, Life, lifestyle change, Victory, weight loss, weight watchers | Comments Off on New Excel Chart in the Works
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First, I’m feelin’ good about this week. I had a 6″ Subway Veggie Delight for dinner and feel completely satisfied. Very happy.

Second, it appears that my Weight Watchers Points Excel chart is turning out to be a big hit with readers. (WordPress allows me to see which links readers have licked on and the Excel chart has gotten quite a few downloads.) Taking that into consideration I’ve taken it upon myself to update the Excel chart to include a few new goodies, and I think you all will like it.

I’m doing some tweaking and testing to make sure everything is working properly (as I am not The World’s Best Excel Formula Dude). And as usual, it will be completely editable by you.

Check back in a few days or better yet, subscribe to my blog by using Google Reader or click the “Subscribe” button on the right and choose your favorite to know exactly when the latest entries are posted.

Oh, and few more Victories. A neighbor and a few co-workers have inquired about my weight loss by telling me my face is starting to look thinner. I don’t expect it to grace the cover of any magazines soon, but I have to agree with them after looking at some of my old photos.

Gotta exercise. Stay focused, people!


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As anybody who’s trying to lose weight knows, it requires an incredible amount of discipline. Perhaps the most important area in which discipline is tested is, and not surprisingly, food intake.

When I first started Weight Watchers’ Points program I found it quite difficult to navigate through their book of Points Values for every food I planned on stuffing in my mouth. But I persisted and kept a notepad with me at work where I would write down the food and Points Value for each meal.

There had to be a better way. I was willing to keep track of everything but figuring out Points Values by sifting through a book then writing them all down was a bit tedious. (That’s where Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone comes in handy for restaurants.)

After much searching online, I found a Points calculator as well as the formula for determining Points for anything. I also came across a weight chart that gave the recommended Points Value for your body weight. I decided that since I have everything, it was time to bring them all together.

After much tweaking I created an Excel chart that lets me plan my daily meals, enter the Points Values for each (including snacks), tells you how many Points I’ve used for the day and, most importantly, includes a calculator for simple Points determination of any food you like (provided you have the calories, fat and fiber values for each).

Interested? You can download it here via MegaUpload:

(Link deleted. No time to handle questions or be tech support. Sorry!)

I keep this chart on a flash drive and take with me to work. When I get there I enter the Points Values for each meal and snack. I leave dinner open so that I have an idea of what I can have based on the Points I’ve used at work. I usually end up with between 9 and 12 which, if you’re eating right, is plenty.

Yes, I’ve been doing this each day! If this sounds too far-fetched, it’s not. This is the chart and program that’s helped me lose the weight and keep it all off. If you’re following the Points Program, I hope you get some use out of this and if you’re not but are curious, download it and enter the information for your favorite meal and see how it rates.

Enjoy 🙂


Note: The information on the Excel chart was gathered online from various sources. It may have been updated since the author complied the information and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. This chart has not been endorsed or approved by Weight Watchers.
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